Sunday, February 7, 2010

Noob at using Xcode for mac

Hello everyone!!!!

Today I was on my mac trying to compile Fardad's program from Feb 1st class to get the keyboard codes in a mac environment. I was first trying to compile the program in terminal. After hours of effort, I can to the agreement that I needed a compiler to get it working. I went on to google and search for a mac base compiler. I found a link to apple's website and discovered a compiler program call 'Xcode'. It's a free download, but I needed to create an account to Apple's Development Program (this happens way to often). After I entered useless information, I was finally downloading the xcode (size:1GB). When the installation was complete, I opened Fardad's program in Xcode and was ready to compile it ......... but I didn't know how :(. I tried writing a "Hello world" program, but still could not get it to compile. So now I asking for help. Does anyone know how to compile in Xcode? Is there another way to compile code without using xcode? Any help will be welcome.


Brian P

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blog #3

This week in oop344 started with the terrible email I received on Sunday night informing me that Fardad was sick and had to cancel Monday's lecture. I went into a deep state of shock until Wednesday when I saw Fardad and knew he was on the road to recovery. He taught us more about svn and reminded the class that there will be a quiz on Monday. Fardad also taught us about pointers and addresses. Fardad ask the class "what is an address" and pick me to see if i knew the answer. Fortunately, i did know and told him "an address is the location of something in memory". He went on with the lecture and told us about the importance of the type of target when referring to an address.


double = 8 bytes
short int = 2 bytes
integer = 4 btyes

the type of target, the amount of space it takes up in memory (which is a signal dimension of characters).

Well folks, my bed is calling for me. I'll make another update next time.


Brian P

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blog #2

Hello Everyone!

A special announcement for anyone taking OOP344 this semester! My team has only 5 members and we are looking for three more students to join our group. We will accept anyone. If you would like to join our group, please send me a email (


Brian P

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hello Everyone.

Last night I downloaded SVN from the link posted on the OOP344 wiki page. Its wasn't hard to use SVN because i took oop344 last semester and drop it :(. I got all the notes Fardad told us to get and been reviewing them to prepare for the quiz. On Wednesdays class, we learn that there are only two types of variables (int and double). I never knew that char was another form of integer. my life won't be the same after learning this. I'll be posting more updates in a few days.


Brian P